1. Students are required to settle the fee WITHIN A WEEK of the booking date to guarantee a space in the workshop. Your seat will be reserved once payment is made. [Prompt payment is appreciated, due to our class size is small.  Holding a seat and not making payment on time is not ethical, as there are other students waiting to be enrolled into the class.  Thank you so much for your kind understanding and cooperation!] 

2. The enrollment is on a first come first serve basis.

3. Shoe Artistry (We) accept bookings through our website ONLY.

4. Full payment must be made for all workshops before the commencement date.

5. Shoe Artistry accept different forms of payments, please go to our payment methods page for more information.

6. If the student is unable to attend a workshop, they can have a friend to take their place in their absence or write in for a date change if that particular is not FULL when enquiring.  Students are limited to change their dates 1X only. Please understand that the registration fee is non refundable, even if you cancel your participation.

7. If the class/workshop is cancelled due to special circumstances such as natural disasters , typhoons, transportation problems..etc.  We might post-phone the class to another available date, but please understand that your registration is non – refundable.  our date change will be our final decision.

8. Shoe Artistry beginner’s workshop does not include the making of boots.

9. Shoe Artistry beginner’s shoes making workshops takes inspiration from traditional handcraft method, modern industrial materials, user friendly tools and soft leather to make our shoes. The beginners shoe making method is not the traditional way of dress shoe making.    It is a class for amateurs to experience shoe making in a fun and not too intensive way.  However once you had finished the beginners class, these methods can be easily transform into the traditional method of shoe making.  (We strongly advise for those who had no experience in shoe making to join our beginners class first before heading to advance class, as sharp tools and heavy machineries will be used during our advance classes.)  Our advance classes teaches the traditional way of dress shoe making.)

10. All materials are included in the cost of our workshops; limited embellishments are also available and included in class. We are not obliged to provide the embellishments for all classes. It should be the responsibility of the student to bring their own embellishments for the classes.

11. For students who wishes to bring their own leather/material during the shoe making class. Please contact Shoe Artistry first before bringing them, as they might be unsuitable for the class. Fabric is strictly not allowed for the beginner’s class only.

12. Since it’s a beginner’s class, and all standards shoe design templates are provided. The beginners class focuses more on the experience of shoe making rather than the design and the style of it. Therefore Shoe Artistry hopes that the student could respect our course content.

13. Shoe Artistry are NOT obliged to teach a particular shoe design/style that the student had brought in during the workshop. We will try our best to accommodate each one’s shoe design or style. If we find that its too complicated and the shoe design or style exceeds the standards of beginner’s class, we have the right to reject your design.

14. We do not accept responsibility for any injury or personal damage that may occur as a result of skills and techniques taught in any of our workshops.

15. We respect the punctuality of each student that attends the workshops.

Shoe Last & Sizing

1. Go to this page Shoe Sizes and Measuring Guides 

Intellectual Property

1. All of our contents inclusive of notes, images, audio or video recording taken during SHOE ARTISTRY workshops are the property of Shoe Artistry. It is at our discretion to use these in any media or website promotions. (Unless specifically requested otherwise by a student).

2. All shoe-making techniques taught during SHOE ARTISTRY workshops are the property of Shoe Artistry.

3. All contents in points 1 and 2 and including the Shoe Artistry logo, may only be used for publicity of Shoe Artistry and must be credited as such.

Accuracy of Information
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Changes to these Terms and Conditions
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