Your Bespoke Shoe Experience.
Shoe Artistry, 鞋藝工舘 will first understand every client needs before discussing design details together. Customers input are very important in creating a personalized pair of shoes that is truly yours. To make it easier for customers to understand the shoemaking process, we have made the experience fun and educational. On our side, we have a simplified “Design Menu” to break down the important components of a shoe. We have simple explanation with visuals to help customers choose their own shoe designs. Leather pieces hanged on our feature wall that form part of our interior décor and it’s also for customers to make their leather choices. After designs are confirmed. We will draw the outline and take measurements of your feet. Your very own perfect fit shoes will be ready in 1-2 months time with one fitting in between. When our customers leave, we make sure they will be proud of their shoe and the knowledge gained. To find out more please send us your enquiries by clicking here.

Our Shoes Designs