Gift Cards
1.Gift Cards are purchased just like any other item in our store. You can pay for them using the stores standard payment method(s).

2. Check out and pay for the gift card using our various different kind of payment methods.

3. During check you will be asked to provide the Recipient’s Name, Recipients Phone Number, Recipients Email.  Option: you can provide recipients address if you wish.

4. Instructions:

  • Please enter the Recipient’s NameRecipients Email, and Your Message to your Recipient .  These are information for us to transfer these  into creating your E card for your special one.
  • Check out as usual, by filling information.  *information is compulsory to be required.
  • E cards for Workshop: We will email THE RECIPIENT and a copy to YOU the E card within 48 hours, with a PROMOTIONAL CODE.   
  • Your recipient could go to our Workshops direct link: to choose which workshops he/she is interested in.  
  • Click into individual button BEGINNERS WORKSHOP or ADVANCE WORKSHOP
  • Select the workshop that the E gift card is for. Enter the promotional code at the bottom left hand corner when checking out.

NOTE** Subject to Workshop availability.  Some of our workshops might be FULLY booked, therefore its suggested for recipient to wait till our next workshop dates opening to enrol.  They can either sign up to our newsletter on our website  or sign up to our waiting list 

All Workshops are Held in:  SHOE ARTISTRY 鞋藝工舘Office 4, 2/f, prosperity building, no.61 Tung Choi street, Kowloon. 旺角通菜街61號德發大廈二樓四室  

 6. eGift Cards will need to pay FULL WITHIN ONE WEEK OF BOOKING DATE. Failure to do sales will be cancelled.

7. E gift Cards are only valid for 6months from the date of purchase.

8. E gift cards could only be used once.

For further queries, please do not hesitate to emai us at

9.Purchase ECards now.