Shoe Artistry, 鞋藝工舘 is a unique local Hong Kong business that offers handmade, made to measure, bespoke shoe services for both men and ladies. We also offer shoemaking workshops of all levels as well as apprenticeship programs to the public.

Shoe Artistry, 鞋藝工舘 was founded in February 2012. It is based on the 40 years old handmade leather shoe business “Ming Kee Shoes, 明記皮鞋” in Jordan, Bowring Street, Hong Kong. The local bespoke shoe shop was forced to close down due to 3 folds increase in rent in 2011. Kit Lee Ya Jing (the founder of Shoe Artistry, 鞋藝工舘 took over the business and gave it a brand new identity. She further develops its customer service, business operation and shoe designs. All these with the objective to revitalize this heritage, bring it back to life and pass it on to the next generation. Shoe Artistry is currently a retail/workshop that is situated in Mong Kok. Kit invited Uncle Kong, 光叔(a former shoe maker of Ming Kee), and a few other experienced shoe makers all with 30 or more years of shoe making experience under their belt, to join SA. The word “舘” in Chinese means a place for people of common interest to get together. For example there are a lot of Kung Fu Training Halls also known as “武舘”. These places combines businesses, apprenticeship, training that bring together both craft and artistry and eventually forms a community. This is the mission and vision of Shoe Artistry, and the origin of our Chinese name “鞋藝工舘”.

Shoe Artistry (鞋藝工舘) aims to preserve Hong Kong’s shoes craftsmanship and its heritage; our final purpose is not only to preserve the dying trade but also to sustain it as a profitable business and to pass it on to the next generation. In order to do this, we are doing it through shoe sales, educational workshops and training new apprentice to join in this trade. We hope to promote this craft, tradition and heritage, and hopefully using this as a tool in working towards revitalizing our Hong Kong local industries for supporting the next phrase of local design industry.

Kit Lee Ya Jing is also the founder of a platform called “HNDSME Co-OP” (pronounced as H.N.D.S.M.E Co-Op) which means Handmade Small Medium Enterprise Co-Op. It is a platform that provides small, affordable, sustainable batch production, by using underused local skilled labor and resources in Hong Kong. A year later she formed “Social Goods Co-Op” this brand that has products which are developed and produced by local community based production support from HNDSME Co-Op, it’s a fashion accessories & home ware brand that up cycles T shirt fabrics and create them into bags and jewelry. Her company mission is to work along the lines of Locally Designed, Locally Sourced and Locally produced in Hong Kong.